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GSM power transformer integrated alarm
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what's news
GSM power transformer integrated alarm
Product General

BZB-6 series GSM power transformer integrated alarm main power transformer for the burglar alarm and alarm monitoring operating parameters. When the power transformer by the theft occurred or when the allowed level during the operation parameters, alarm information through the GSM mobile communications network platform to send messages to the relevant control centre staff and Electric Power Bureau of computer terminals, promptly notify the relevant personnel check to avoid further incidents Expansion of causing unnecessary economic losses.
GSM power transformer integrated alarm
Main Features

  • Alarm: a three line of defense, were not at the same time three-phase power outage alarm, tilt alarm, anti-theft alarm lines open or short circuit;
  • Alarm ontology open alarm;
  • Pirates when police ringing alarm sound, the alarm automatically dial telephone, on-site monitoring and voice message;
  • Over-temperature alarm, ultra-Trip;
  • Under-voltage, ultra-pressure warning;
  • Overload alarm;
  • Low oil-alarm;
  • Transformer leakage, multi-core grounding alarm;
  • Multi-Alarm Interface: gas can then relay, the pressure release valve, metering Guimen switch, zero-sequence transformer, grounding fault indicator;
  • Regular inspection;
  • Remote security and Chefang;
  • Remote tripping and closing;
  • Alarm set up a number of telephone numbers;
  • Built-in high-capacity maintenance-free batteries;
  • Solar cells interface;
  • Anti-destruction hidden antenna;
  • Internal automatic heating function;
  • All sealed aluminum die-casting shell;
  • Two-way communication, alarm level operating parameters set by the user;
  • Siemens dual-band GSM module, Philips industrial MCU circuit.
Note: The above transformer alarm function can be the actual needs of users, any combination to meet the needs of different users.
Technical parameters
Input Voltage